Bottle Openers are a Thing Again

Bottle Openers are a Thing Again

People used to collect bottle openers.  Some were singleDuquesne Beer Bottle Opener pieces of metal, some had handles with beer logos or company names, some were multipurpose tools, but all had one important job; they pried the caps off beer bottles.

In the 1970's, the largest American beer companies began acquiring regional breweries.  This resulted in abridging competition while expanding market presence.  Competitive dogma focused less on unique beer qualities, and more on brand recognition and packaging.

Shoe Horn, Bottle Opener

Specifically, bottles with screw-tops and cans with pull-tabs no longer required openers.

Fast forward.  In 2016 there were over 4000 craft breweries in the US with more coming.  Oh, the historical irony.  We have vibrant regional breweries again.

These bottled beers have caps that shouldn't be removed using your roommate's teeth.

So, bottle openers are a thing again.

If you know someone that prefers bottled, micro-brews, Blissed Out Design has an idea.  Our openers Gift Boxed Bottle Openerutilize a patented prying element that have wooden handles with inked designs.  We can also quickly custom make openers using things like logos, photos of family, or pictures of your toothless roomie.


Our design is modern... and twisted.

By the way, if opening beer bottles isn't on your radar, check out our other unique items.