-Artisans Re-Imagining Product Design-

 For as long as I can remember I've been telling people my dream job is to "own a warehouse where I can think stuff up". We are working on the warehouse part but our company, Blissed Out Design, definitely keeps me busy "thinking stuff up".

I am currently “thinking up” different accessory designs that we will pair with our line of stone drink coasters (think gift boxes and individual coaster displays). Be on the lookout for those very soon!

I am also teaching myself how to stick weld so I can build a mobile kiosk that will become our “hub” of coaster operations while we are selling at art festivals.

The biggest challenge I have is simultaneously moving 5-10 projects closer and closer to completion in the most efficient way possible. This is also my greatest motivator and the reason I get to work at 5:30 every morning. I live for the indescribable feeling I get when a project is complete and my idea has come to life in front of me!

Just like when I was a little kid, Blissed Out Design has given me the creative freedom to do what I loved to do more than anything else... to dream, to learn, to build!

Linda  My current endeavors include photographing well known buildings, landmarks and picturesque scenes of cities, colleges, and towns; as well as, researching and collecting vintage photographs.

I then take all of these images and transform them into pieces of art for your home that also serve a functional purpose: drink coasters, trivets, serving trays and even kitchen and bathroom backsplashes and accent pieces.

I not only want to compel people to look at my work, but I also want to compel them to use my artwork, have a conversation about it, have fun with it and make it a piece of their home!