Linda Smiley and Mike Sakony met while working at the Art Institute in Jacksonville, Florida. In addition to their love for art and its creation, they realized that they had something else in common; they were both drawn to functional pieces. They envisioned art that could improve a space, and serve a purpose.  They moved to Western Pennsylvania and started Blissed Out Design in 2013 in the basement of their apartment.  They soon required more room and were accepted into the business incubator at the eCenter@LindenPointe in Hermitage, PA in 2014.  Today Mike and Linda are in a 4,200 square foot space in a repurposed Westinghouse manufacturing facility.  Since inception, Blissed Out Design has been newsworthy.

Blissed Out Design is best known for its handcrafted, inked Marble drink coasters that showcase vintage images. However, they make many other gifts that feature vintage and custom images on wood and stone.  You can view products here. "Our gifts often spark memories and create a sense of pride in our customers." If you have an idea for a custom product, please let us know. We would be proud to help.
This is a 45 second stop action video of Mike making one of our Wall Mosaics.  Check it out.