Wine stoppers are a great example of our functional art.  Wine begins to oxidize as soon as air reaches it but our three O-ring insert slows the process.  Each insert is topped with one of our custom-cut wood designs. All of our images can be made into a wine stopper or we can quickly make something special for you.

Our specialty cutting process can produce intricate wood designs that are perfect for ornaments.  We offer unique heirloom quality gifts that can be used around your home at the holidays.  Whether you might be looking for a special tree ornament or a wine bottle pendant, we have something for you.  Don't see the perfect gift?  Let's make it!    


We're known for our inked marble drink coasters.  They're crafted from four by four inch Turkish marble.  Each coaster is triple-sealed for durability and has hand-applied cork backing.  Each is shipped in a protective cardboard gift-box sleeve.  If you don't see something you want, we can help!






Our bottle openers utilize a unique patented prying element and have vintage images inked onto a custom wooden handle. If you want something special, we can make it.


What game room couldn’t use one of these unique wall hangings? Our standard wall mosaics are four tiles across and three down (approx. 19” x 16”) but if you can provide the graphics, we can make almost any size.